My name is Mark Rowney, I am a sculptor using leather and have worked with leather for over 30 years, both in the UK and USA. ‘The Hide’ is a purpose built workshop/studio to promote the art and craft of leather work. It is situated in the North Pennines, an area of outstanding Natural Beauty, with panoramic views of Weardale, which has inspired my work greatly. Leather is a wonderful medium which improves with age and lasts a lifetime as well as being very satisfying to work with. I am now offering Leather workshops which are practical but fun and you take home your own hand made pieces. Although you are encouraged to create your own design, you do not have to be artistic or even be able to draw as you can use your art work or use a pre-designed template. These workshops place an emphasis on tooling rather than using patterns and cutting leather, which means you have more time to produce a very decorative work of art to impress your friends and family. For the mid-week or weekend workshops you will have a wide choice of items to make such as a belt, large picture frame, journal cover, set of bowls, small sculpture or a project of your own, depending on whether it is a 3 or 5 day course. You may also mould, colour or sew your item, if required. You will have a memorable experience, letting your imagination run free to produce a treasure that will last for ever.
All materials provided as well as refreshments and lunch.
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